Our work


Livables cities

Urbis Up works for the development of cities

Urbis Up works for the development of cities bringing new solutions to their management and sustainability by creating synergies between citizens, institutions and companies. We understand the city as a multicultural context in which every citizen should be able to develop their life projects freely, efficiency and respect for the environment and future generations. We promote more active and participatory citizens in the city.

Smart and resilient city

We work in the transformation to the smart and resilient city, identifying new and innovative projects that put a premium on knowledge and the use of new technologies. We develop efficient and sustainable projects. We optimize operating processes and maintenance of infrastructure and services in a global model of urban development.

Urban Lab

We define ourselves as a think tank that promotes innovation in the field of urban planning, infrastructure, energy and the environment. We capture, share knowledge and contribute cooperatively to create a new organization in town.

Connecting cities

We connect cities facilitating the process of sharing knowledge and experiences on the concept of mutual enrichment and cooperative knowledge.

Mind in daily live

Our world faces some important questions. Can we protect the climate and sustain our natural resources? Can we continue to house and feed the population, and allow them a hopeful future? At Urbis Up we believe that in daily life, we can help provide some answers

Open source / open data

From UrbisUp promote the use of free software open data, thereby facilitating the free control infrastructure directly by management and access to information for citizens.